from the Crimea into the sunrise,,,

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2012-04-24> leaving Frankfurt Airport, with the bicycle packed in a standard cardboard box on a UAI flight to Simferopol via Kiev – Ukraine. This time UIA charged a lot more for the bike than on the flight from SIP to FRA. They don’t seem to have a reliable tariff information system.  No custom or immigration problems at Kiev Intl. airport. In Simferopol I stayed at the same hotel as last year and I also contacted the same friendly driver who helped me packing my bike to fly to Germany in 2011. Unfortunately, this time my box must have been slightly bigger, because we had a hell of a time getting it into his KIA. It was well after midnight by the time I checked into the hotel.

2012-04-25> I spend the whole day in Simferopol, assembled the bike, fixed the tire, which for some unknown reason had a puncture.

2012-0426 > 95km, strong head wind, 800hm, over 7 hrs moving time, mild and sunny,  leaving Simferopol on the road to Kerch. It was a bit chaotic getting out of the city due to heavy traffic, plus the fact that I had to get used to cycling the heavily loaded NORWID. Going through the beautiful hills of the Crimea. Final destination, a guesthouse on the outskirts of Stary Krym, hard to find.  N45°01.076’ / E 035° 03,566’

2012-04-27> 126km, terrible head wind but sunny, 557hm, moving time 8:45hrs, meeting many really friendly people along the way to Kerch, nice drive along the Black Sea, also several Mosques, less forests and more open space, grassland, spend the night in the Kerch Hotel with WIFI - N45°21,367’/ E036°28,498’ Lots of cleaning and painting going on in Kerch for the May 1st labor day celebration.