Last update 2013-June-7th done in Dulan, Qinghai (or Xinghai) Province PRC, location N36°17,396’ – E098°05,328’ - 3195m above sea level.

I am a bit behind with my updates. This one only covers the time in Xinjiang Province, up to 2013-May-23 ,,,, pictures for the rest of the trip will follow soon,,,.


April 2013

More than 10 month have gone by since I left Kashgar and because I did not make it to the Pacific Ocean in 2012, I decided that 2013 would be a good year to do the rest of the old Silk Road and somehow reach the Eastern edge of the EurAsian continent.

In the beginning I was not sure which route to take, except the fact that I wanted to start in Kashgar and circumvent the Taklamakan desert and the Tarim Basin, then head East.

Since I started from the far west of China, I decided to do a little side trip on the Karakoram highway, towards the Pakistan / Afghanistan border and then turn back to Kashi and continue on the southern route towards Qinghai. After crossing part of the Tibetan Platau in Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Shanxi and Hebei, I reached Beijing on the 1st. of July 2013


January 2014

Bangkok , Start of a South-East-Asia cycling trip from Thailand, via Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Southern China, to Macau in the Pearl River Delta. 4120km - 2 month.,,,